What’s Happening in the Museum?

Dig our Dino Dig? Want your own water table? They could be yours this Thursday or Friday!

In preparation for our new museum exhibits outlined in the letter from Executive Director Nick Roberts, we need to clear out the majority our current museum inventory. That means there will be some exciting toys, play equipment, art supplies and furnishings, as well as lots of miscellaneous gear, that we’re offering to the public this Thursday and Friday, February 22 and 23!

Stop by the museum any time on Thursday between noon and 7 p.m., when bidding will close on larger items (Opening bids will be posted on Facebook Thursday at 11 a.m., but bidding will take place only onsite at the museum) Winning bidders will be contacted Friday morning. We will expect payment by cash, check or credit card that day and require you to remove your items from the museum no later than Saturday, March 3. Bidding will resume for items not spoken for by the end of Thursday on Friday between noon and 5 p.m. Smaller items, on which we will be accepting donations, will be offered both days. Please bring bags or boxes and realize all sales are final. Also, please be aware that this event is not conducive to children. Our normal play equipment will not be available and no staff will be available to supervise them.

This is a perfect time to take home a piece of the museum that your child has loved so much over the years. There are also a lot of great items for daycares and preschools, so help spread the word! If you can’t make it during these hours, contact Museum Manager Sarah Osteen at (406) 541-7529 to arrange a separate viewing.

Important disclosure: Although we cannot confirm exposure levels for each individual item, we are confident that the entire museum facility has had tobacco exposure.  With this in mind, we will ask that you sign an exposure acknowledgement before taking any of our inventory. 

To view many of the items that will be available in this sale, visit our Facebook page.


A special offer for museum members…discounted admission to spectrUM!

The museum closure has been disappointing for all of us, including our members and their little ones —especially during these frigid February days when you’d like to enjoy an indoor play space with your kids. We’re happy to report there’s a great option available!

During our closure, Families First Children’s Museum members will get $1 off normal admission rates at spectrUM Discovery Area, a “hands-on science center dedicated to inspiring a culture of learning and discovery for all.” If you’ve never been to spectrUM, it’s a ton of fun! It’s located at 812 Toole Ave, just north and west of St. Patrick Hospital. With your discount, admission will be just $2.50 for anyone age 4 or older. Children age 3 and younger are free!