What’s Happening in the Museum?

As you may have already noticed, there have been a lot of changes to the museum these last few months and we have some more big changes coming in July! Recently, we’ve added a big play structure to the dress up area for your kiddos to play in, on and under. It even has a puppet theatre! Another new addition is our Big Blue Blocks. These are great for kids of all ages, including those “young at heart” adults! Children can practice their early engineering skills by building a skyscraper or a racetrack with the blue blocks, or they can let their imagination run wild and create structural masterpieces! But as we add new exhibits, we also have to retire some older ones. This week we said goodbye to the fishing bridge and the Go Fish! exhibit. It’s sad to see it go, but we have plenty more exciting changes just around the corner.

On that note, while we are closed for our renovations during the last week of July, here are some ideas to bring the museum home and keep those little brains and bodies moving:

Cook together! Kids can measure out ingredients, stir them around, or even just spread jelly on some bread. You can talk to them about “Go, Slow, and Woah” foods, just like at the museum!
Make a puppet! Find an old sock (or a bunch of them) and use glue, scissors, markers, or anything else you have on hand to make sock puppets! Have a puppet show and make up your own or reenact one of your family’s favorites!
Float a boat! Make one of the floating foam boats at the museum during our weekly craft July 11th-15th and use that to bring the water table to your house. Float it in the bathtub, pool, or even the kitchen sink! Encourage your kids to use different tools like watering cans, straws, or funnels to discover how water moves.