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Back to School Yoga

This week’s blog post by Assistant Manager and Family Yoga instructor, Beth, shares some ideas about how yoga can help reduce stress, improve cognitive function, cultivate resiliency, and set the stage for personal and academic success as children head back to school: This time of year can be both exciting and stressful for kids as they […]

Partner Yoga for Parents and Kids

This week’s blog post from Assistant Manager and Family Yoga Instructor, Beth, offers some ideas to have fun with yoga as a family: I love sharing yoga with kids every Thursday at the museum during our Family Yoga class, but setting aside a whole half hour for yoga is not always practical or even possible […]

Exploring Yoga…For Kids!

This week’s post comes from our Assistant Manager and Membership Coordinator, Beth. Beth teaches yoga at the museum every Thursday and she wanted to share some ways you can have fun with yoga! Starfish on a Rock Every Thursday morning at the Children’s Museum I get to share yoga with kids and their families. It’s […]