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Family Mealtime Environment

Parent Education Director, Dara Newman, talks about mealtime, the feelings it evokes, and the benefit a quality family meal can have for the whole family. What does mealtime with your children mean to you: what feelings, thoughts, sensations come to mind? a.) Family time, curiosity, joy, connection, good food, exploration, cultivating independence, mentorship, guidance, support, […]

Welcome, Kim!

In today’s blog post, we’d like to introduce you to Kim Parrow, a new employee who will be providing mediations, co-parenting consultations and couples consultations as part of our Families First parenting program: Today I have been given the opportunity to introduce you to my mission with Families First. During a recent workshop I attended, the […]

Sending the Right Message

This week’s blog post is from Parent Education Director, Dara Newman, and talks about how messages from parents are received by children during difficult situations. The Message Children Receive Does NOT Always Mirror Our Intentions I witnessed an interaction between a teenager and her mother recently in Missoula. I do not know these people, and am […]