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Sending the Right Message

This week’s blog post is from Parent Education Director, Dara Newman, and talks about how messages from parents are received by children during difficult situations. The Message Children Receive Does NOT Always Mirror Our Intentions I witnessed an interaction between a teenager and her mother recently in Missoula. I do not know these people, and am […]

Cell Phones and Focused Attention

This week’s blog post from Parent Education Director, Dara Newman, talks about the possible impact on families and parent-child interaction from cell phone usage: Focused Attention in the Cell Phone World The other day I was enjoying a conversation with my teenage daughter. The familiar vibration of her cell phone interrupted our moment of deep connection. […]

Candy Overload? Check out the Candy Swap!

This week’s blog post comes from Executive Director, Kristin Morss. Kristin shares an outlet to help trim down the extreme amounts of candy many families end up with after Halloween: With Halloween around the corner, I’m already dreading the overload of candy we are going to have in our house. Every year we overestimate the amount […]