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Circle of Security Class

Upcoming Dates:
Look for details regarding an upcoming class coming soon.

“Circle of Security is a parenting program designed to help foster a healthier parent-child relationship.  Our class incorporates positive discipline approaches and calming techniques with the popular COS curriculum.  

Using the COS-P model developed by the Circle of Security originators, our trained Facilitators work with parents and care-givers to help them to:

• Understand their child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs

• Support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions

• Enhance the development of their child’s self esteem

• Honor the innate wisdom and desire for their child to be secure”

For more information regarding the COS curriculum visit Circle of Security International.

Cost to Participate:
All FFCM Family Education services are offered on a sliding scale fee basis at a base rate of $50 per hour of instruction time. The sliding scale could reduce costs to as little as 10% of total class fees. To apply, please complete the very brief questionnaire regarding your household and email to or mail to:

Families First Children’s Museum
PO Box 5626
Missoula Montana 59806

If you have further questions and would like to talk to us directly, please call 406.721.7690.

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