Notes from Nick

Families First Children’s Museum is growing!  Uniquely, our first step in this growth is to consolidate our space.  Since the museum moved into its current space, our parenting programs have been housed in a seperate location. Currently, they are located on a separate floor in the basement of the museum building.  Though close in proximity, we want to bring all of our programs even closer together and will be renovating the back museum space to hold our parenting education classes, consultations, and administrative offices.  This will give you even easier and more direct access to our entire scope of services.

As your new executive director, I see this move not just as an opportunity to synthesize our physical space for increased accessibility, but it also represents a commitment to reaffirm our museum environment as an extension of our parenting programs.  Our museum offers a special space in which parents and caretakers can build rapport with their kids, apply what they learn in our parenting classes and just have fun!

Don’t worry, our museum services are not lessening with this change.  We’re still going to celebrate your child’s birthday, provide you interactive exhibits for learning, and offer you enriching opportunities to strengthen relationships.  After a one week closure from July 24th-31st, we will be back and ready for you to keep bringing in your family, just as you are.  Come see us soon!


Nick Roberts
Executive Director