MCPS Parenting Classes Kick Off Sept. 20

Just because you no longer go to school doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to learn. In fact, some people might say that it’s when you become a parent that you have the most to learn.

Families First Children’s Museum is here to help.

Through a contract with Missoula County Public Schools, we educate moms and dads on topics that help make the tough job of parenting at least a little easier. Are you unsure of how to keep your kids safe on social media? We’ve got a class for that! Want some tips on encouraging your child without relying solely on praise and rewards? We can help! Do your kids worry more than most? Our Helping Kids Cope with Anxieties class may be just what you need to help put their minds—and yours—at ease!

Two-hour, discussion-based classes like these are held at schools throughout the MCPS system during the school year, in addition to the parenting classes we offer in-house. They begin at 6:15 pm, are open to everyone (your child does not have to attend the school where the class is held) and are FREE! Free childcare is available to participants as well.

Our instructors include professors, counselors and masters or PhD candidates who have expertise and personal experience in the subject matter, explains Colleen Biehl, our parenting programs coordinator, who helps get the classes set up. Topics are selected by individual schools from a list of 30 to 40 possibilities we provide each year.

“They’re based on parents’ needs,” says Colleen. “A lot of times, the classes enable people to look at their parenting style and decide they may benefit by implementing something new.”

Similar classes are offered in Polson and Pablo through our relationship with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. While the classes are really designed for parents, day care providers often benefit from them as well. We designate classes that are most applicable to them.

“Parents really like the classes,” says Colleen. “On the whole, talking with each other is probably one of their favorite parts. They like being with other parents and knowing that somebody has a problem like theirs.”

This year’s schedule begins Sept. 20, with a class designed to help children learn to resolve conflicts and become peacemakers. While the classes are free, they do require online pre-registration. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Colleen at (406) 721-7690.

View our upcoming schedule of classes.

Register online.

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