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This week’s blog post is a little inside scoop on recent and upcoming museum news from Museum Manager, Heidi Kendall:

The Inside Scoop From the Museum Manager:

  • Our very big news is that we will be unveiling some exciting new exhibits in the next few weeks. These exhibits are BIG, and the most exciting thing we have done in a couple of years. We will make a big deal out of it when we open them, so keep an eye out for our announcement!
  • Our watchwords at the Children’s Museum are SAFE, CLEAN and FUN. These words, in order of priority, govern our lives here. We spend a lot of time, effort and resources to make sure the museum is all those things for our visitors. If we ever miss anything, we want you to let us know! It is easy to tell one of us (in our khaki aprons) if you see anything that’s not clean enough, or broken, or not working well, or if we have run out of a needed supply. If you would rather fill out a comment form at the comment box by the Busy Babies Area, that is great too. We will do everything we possibly can to make it right.
  • You may have noticed we have been having some trouble with our Water Table lately, but the good news is we think it’s really fixed now! The fountain was not working, and in spite of several efforts to repair it, we could not get it right. We called in the experts at Pool Pond and Spa Supply, and they fixed it in about five minutes. They were also kind enough to give us a huge discount for their work, which we really appreciate. If you haven’t been in lately, come back and see how our beautiful fountain is flowing again!
  • People often ask about the Body Bubble, which has been gone for several months. We have had trouble with it and decided last spring to redesign it. We have had some setbacks but hope to have some news for you soon. We know you miss it.

Upcoming events: Mark Your Calendars!

We have a few more Pop-up Adventure Playground times: today at Pineview Park, August 21 at Little McCormick Park, and the last one of the summer, August 28 at Fort Missoula. Find more information on these very fun outdoor facilitated play sessions here.

Starting on September 7 we will be open on Sundays again. This is our slowest day of the week, so if you like a quieter museum experience, Sunday is for you. We look forward to seeing you on Sundays from noon to 5 pm.

Our 12th annual Halloween Bash will be Sunday, October 26 from noon to 5 pm. This super fun, gently spooky, joyful party is one of the highlights of our year. We will have some of the fun performances and stuff we have had in previous years, and some new things too! Get your costume on and join us for the best kids’ Halloween party in town! Cost is $5/person at the door. (This is the one event we charge our members for, since it’s a fundraiser.)

Finally: Thank you for your support of the Children’s Museum Missoula and Families First. We love having the privilege of serving Missoula’s kids and their grownups.

– Heidi Kendall, Manager

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