Family Education Workshops

Family Education Workshops

Our workshops focus on practical parenting and skill building to help parents gain tools in effective parenting. We have recently been in the process of curriculum re-development to provide consistent material to all parents, free of charge. These workshops are two hours long and are currently held through partnerships with the Missoula County Public School System and Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes. Your child does NOT need to attend one of the schools for you to participate.

Upcoming CSKT workshops (Held at the main tribal complex):
September 30th: Kids- Managing Emotions
October 28th: Effective Communication
November 18th:
Kids- Positive Parenting

Individual Training Certificates will be given, and earned early childhood credits are available for childcare providers. For a list of classes pertinent to childcare providers, please refer to the Lifelong Learning Center course catalog.

Register online through The Lifelong Learning Center. For specific questions about classes, call Families First Children’s Museum at 406.721.7690.

Upcoming MCPS Family Education Workshops (all 6-8 pm, Free Childcare Provided):
September 24th: Learning Disabilities & Thriving at School- Lewis & Clark Elementary
October 2nd: Compassion, Kindness, and Self-Esteem- Paxson Elementary School
October 24th: Managing Emotions- Franklin Elementary
November 6th: Learning Disabilities & Thriving at School- Chief Charlo Elementary School
November 19th: Dealing with Bullying & Peer Pressure- Russell Elementary