• Go Grow Grocery

The Go Grow Grocery exhibit, sponsored by The Good Food Store, is fully stocked with a variety of “fresh” fruits and veggies, packaged dry goods, and dairy products. Visitors can wander through the store with their shopping lists and fill up their carts with healthy food and snacks. And checking out Mom and Dad’s groceries is so much fun!

Find out more about what your child is learning in this exhibit here.

• Water Works Wonders
Come and discover the wonders of water! This exhibit, sponsored by Republic Services, features a moving water table with different activities at each stepped level, hand play with the water mushroom, directing the current with dam tabs and exploring water pressure through pipe building. Smocks are provided to help keep you dry.

Find out more about what your child is learning in this exhibit here.

• Precipitation Station
You are a part of the water cycle as you evaporate up the stairs, condensate into the clouds, and precipitate down the slide. Climb through the tunnel as ground water and then repeat! Kids can get their heads in the clouds on the water cycle slide. Slide down, climb back up and do it all over again… and again… and again!

• Hall of Infinity
How many copies of yourself do you see? Can you even count? Our Hall of Infinity is a fun and simple way to learn about mirrors and reflection.

• Dr. Kid’s Office
Little doctors, complete with scrubs and X-rays, learn about anatomy, health and wellness where the grown-ups become the patients. Dr. Kid’s Office is sponsored by the Western Montana Clinic Pediatrics Department (Dirk Gottman, MD; Jennifer Hall, MD; Kathleen Rogers, MD)

• Dino Dig
Grab your goggles, shovel and bucket and go on an adventure to find dinosaur fossils both big and small! What have you found? Match what you found to the dino field guide to see what dinosaur your discovery is from.

Find out more about what your child is learning in this exhibit here.

• Green, Green Forest
This exhibit transforms the exhibit gallery into a ponderosa pine forest. Grab a costume on the performance stage for the big show or climb up into the tree fort as you search for the hidden woodland creatures throughout the museum. Can you spy the fox, woodpecker, skunk and owl?

• Art Studio
Fun materials and new projects to make and take every day. Try your brush at a painting or texture tools at the Claymate table. This space doubles as CM’s program and birthday party room too.

• Road Work Ahead
Drive, build and direct traffic in our new road construction exhibit! Bright traffic cones, kid-sized gloves, vests and safety glasses, and trucks allow kids to use their imagination to become a road construction worker!

• Busy Babies
This enclosed space is just for the under 2 crowd. A climbing structure with stairs and a mini slide give those little movers and shakers the independence to test their new skills! Age-appropriate toys adorn the shelves for little ones to explore in a safe and creative way. Plus comfy seating and a boppy for nursing mamas.

• Climbing Wall
Our new climbing wall is a traverse wall challenging children to climb sideways all the way from one side of the wall to the other. The wall features colorful hand and footholds and offers a safe opportunity for children to develop large motor skills and problem solving through climbing.

• Big Blue Blocks
Get creative with Big Blue Blocks from Imagination Playground. Let your child’s imagination run wild as you build structures and gizmos with a variety of loose parts including, cubes, bricks, cogs, curves and cylinders.

• Magnatiles
The colorful Magnatiles magnetically snap together. Children can use their imagination to build three dimensional structures with the different shapes.