Children’s Museum Missoula Serves Everyone

Museum Manager,  Heidi Kendall, discusses Children’s  Museum Missoula’s commitment to serving all families with children:

Last week the state of Indiana received national press because of a proposed law that, according to some analysts, would have allowed businesses to deny service to people, same-sex couples in particular,for religious reasons. After a great outcry from businesses and people across Indiana and the country, the legislature changed the law to clarify that it would not permit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Children’s Museum Missoula is a member of the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM), which is having its annual conference in Indianapolis in May. As a result of the controversy, ACM sent Indiana Governor Pence a letter opposing the law.

The Montana legislature considered a proposal last month to place a measure on the ballot allowing a popular vote on this issue, but the House rejected it on a tie vote.

Children’s Museum Missoula is committed to serving all families with children. Our mission is to empower families with parent education and learning through play. Our Families First parenting programs provide information and support to anyone raising children. We strive to be inclusive, and we do all that we can to reduce barriers that might restrict access by anyone to our valuable services. Toward that end, we are participating in the national program Open for Service. You might notice the sticker at our front desk:


We are always looking for ways to serve families better. Please know that we are open to all and we love hearing your ideas. Thank you for supporting Children’s Museum Missoula and Families First.

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