Annual Report

Since our founding in 1994, we’ve provided thousands of area families with guidance and support designed to make the tough job of parenting at least a little easier. In addition, we’ve welcomed more than 200,000 visitors to the children’s museum, a place where families bond and physical, emotional, social and creative development of children is enhanced.

In 2016, through our parenting programs:

  • 455 people attended classes covering diverse topics, such as: Helping Your Child Cope with Anxieties; Positive Disciple; Social Media Challenges; Helping Your Child Cope with Peer Pressure, and Stress Management for Parents.
  • 850 hours of free childcare was provided to parents receiving our services.
  • 30 people received individualized parenting consultations.
  • 38 people participated in our parenting plan mediations.
  • More than 100 people were assisted through our free Parent Helpline.
  • 76 hours of onsite assistance in the children’s museum was provided by our parent education director.

In 2016, at the children’s museum, we:

  • Welcomed more than 24,000 visitors.
  • Provided 200+ programs, including: Taekwondo, readings by children’s book authors; musical performances; science demonstrations; and visits from local businesses and organizations.
  • Offered 35 families free museum memberships and parenting services through our Early Opportunities Program.
  • Welcomed 1,407 visitors during free admission days/hours.
  • Provided 98 free admissions for veterans, active duty military personnel and their families through the Blue Star Museum Program.
  • Hosted 81 children’s birthday parties.